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Port Melville is a multi-user facility supporting the Northern Territory oil & gas industry, marine transport industry and local Tiwi community through the provision of a port facility and ancillary services including fuel supply, laydown yards and support for industrial development.

The Port is currently involved in the export of woodchips for Tiwi Plantations Corporation, as well as fuel shipments and the shipments of equipment and supplies for other projects such as the construction and operation of offshore oil and gas fields. Port Melville is the gateway to the economic development of the Tiwi islands and the oil & gas industry in the Bonaparte Basin.

The Port presents significant economic and development opportunities for local Tiwi people in providing a woodchip export facility for the Tiwi-owned Tiwi Plantations Corporation and also employment opportunities in port operations. The woodchip operations will see up to $200 million flow to the Tiwi over the next five years and the creation of employment opportunities.  These opportunities will involve the local Tiwi people operating as Land Rangers and Marine Rangers and activities such as environmental monitoring and land management work.

The wharf at Port Melville comprises three floating concrete pontoons; two joined together to form the wharf front where ships dock, and one linking these to the land. The concrete pontoons are supported by a series of mooring piles or dolphin groups.

Adjacent on-shore facilities comprise 10 hectares of cleared area suitable for; laydown, warehouse and appropriate industrial development, fuel supply, workshop, woodchip stockpile area, office facilities, wash-down facilities and container inspection facilities.




Parent company

Our parent company is AusGroup.

AusGroup aims to optimise service delivery and financial performance through an engaged and collaborative approach to client, workforce and supplier relationships that is driven by a committed leadership team.

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