To ensure the safety of all ships’ passage, Port Melville provides a Pilotage Service to guide ships into and out of the Port.  Pilotage is compulsory for all ships 50 metres or greater in length, unless a valid Pilotage Exemption Certificate is held by the Ship’s Master. 

To notify of arrival and request a pilot, contact Customer Service on 08 8930 6500 or via email at admin@ntportandmarine.com

Our Pilotage service provider is Argonaut Marine Group who has provided pilotage services for the Port since its inception. Argonaut Marine Group has their own licenced simulation model for Apsley Strait passages.

About Argonaut Marine Group

Argonaut Marine Group (‘Argonaut’) provides marine pilotage services, specialised personnel, and port services to the Australian maritime industry.

Established at Dampier, they have built a reputation for getting the job done, with the experience and know-how of their team of professional mariners. 

Their experience and operational expertise enables them to deliver safe, reliable and flexible marine service solutions including:

Marine Pilotage
Offshore Pilotage
Pilot Transfer
Pilotage Consultancy

Website: https://amgmarine.com.au/