Fuel Supply

Our fuel facility, located at Port Melville, has a capacity of 30 million litres and currently stocks marine gas oil/ultra-low sulphur with a 10ppm content.

The port is designated as a security controlled port by the Australian government and is licensed as a storage facility for goods, subject to customs control (petroleum and like products).

With three vertical storage tanks, each with a capacity of 10 million litres, fuel facility is fully Australian Taxation Office (ATO) compliant and able to offer bonded and unbonded fuel.

The fuel facility is fully equipped with a motor control room, dispensing pump skid, metering skid, waste control system, slops tank and a fire protection system.

Land fuel supply

Port Melville is able to supply communities and commercial/industrial operations on Melville Island with diesel fuel via a dedicated 17,000 litre capacity tanker truck, operated by trained personnel.

 Marine fuel supply

Port Melville is able to refuel any vessel up to 50,000 DWT with marine gas oil/diesel at variable rates. The port is equipped with a comprehensive range of hose and coupling sizes to accommodate all requirements. We are also able to refuel vessels requiring small volumes/low flow rates.

Port Melville Marine Bunkering

4 inchDry Break, Female-Female15.5 metres5 of
4 inchDry Break, Female-Female15 metres1 of
2 inchDry Break, Female-Nozzle20 metres1 of
4 inchCamlock, Adapter Available Female
3 inchCamlock, Adapter Available Female
2 inchCamlock, Adapter Available Female
1.5 inchCamlock, Adapter Available Female