NOA and Vessel Services

Port Melville

Port Melville’s floating concrete wharf was commissioned in 2013. Situated in the sheltered waters of Apsley Strait, it provides 220 metres of berth face and has a 14 metre minimum depth alongside.

The wharf is able to accommodate offshore support vessels, barges and handy-sized tankers and bulkers up to 50,000 tonnes.

Aside from the main wharf, the facility comprises a landing barge ramp, a common user area, a container storage, bulk fuel storage and bunkering capability as well as a woodchip stockpile and associated loading systems.

A berth reservation system applies at Port Melville, enabling vessels with prior bookings to have priority over those without reservations. Vessels without bookings may be allowed to berth with the approval of the Harbour Master, generally in order of arrival, pending berth availability. Priority may be granted to any type of vessel in cases of emergency and in the public interest.

Port Melville is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Pilotage to / from anchor and departures from berth will be conducted day or night. Arrivals to berth will only be conducted in daylight hours.


East Arm Supply Base

Situated on Hudson’s Creek, the East Arm Supply Base was established in 2011 as a roll-on / roll-off, lift-on / lift-off marine loading and wharf facility, capable of dealing with loads of up to 200mt. The facility incorporates 2 x 85m wharves with berth space for up to four vessels in a 53m wide basin and an LCT ramp capable of supporting SIMOPS. The maximum water depth in the basin is 6.0m at HAT.

Aside from the ramp and wharf facilities there is approximately four hectares of laydown area, 2,500m2 of undercover storage and workshop space, office space and fabrication and repair shop capabilities.